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News createt: 08-09-2009

Viva Elvis!

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The Smoking Gun on VIVA ELVIS!
This above image would seem to confirm it all. "The creator-director had told me so and I discovered that Cirque owns the domain VivaElvis.Com. I wondered why the company hadn't yet snapped up and VivaElvisLasVegas.Com, variations that would be wise for them to own as a standard preventative measure taken to ensure traffic doesn't go elsewhere by accident." says Steve Friess.

Someone in Montreal was paying attention. Within a couple of hours of Steve's posts appearing, look what happened:


They have since bought the two domains Steve referenced and other variations! They also have cloaked their ownership because they don't want people to know who owns the sites, this is also standard cyber-behavior for companies of this size.

Meanwhile, Cirque spokeswoman Ann Paladie wrote Steve back on his request for confirmation: "We're not ready to announce the show name at this time. Thank you!!!"